Today, there are more ways to enjoy cannabis than ever before. From edibles and capsules to oils and centrates, tinctures and creams to vape pods and hash, the choices are endless.

But what about the original, natural form of cannabis— the flower? With so many different ways to enjoy your cannabis, it’s worth taking a moment to focus on weed in its most natural form. What is cannabis flower, and how can you be sure you’re buying quality flower that will be the best fit for your unique needs?

Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis flower.


When you hear the word ‘flower,’ you probably picture images of bright flower petals splayed out in a symmetrical sunburst shape— like the daisies in your front garden. But cannabis flowers aren’t exactly flowers in the traditional sense of the word.

Cannabis flower, also known as bud, is the rich ,dc dispensaries densely packed part of the plant that contains the majority of what makes cannabis worth consuming. It’s here that you’ll find the cannabinoids like THC and CBD that give cannabis its effects, as well as the terpenes that give it its unique aromas and flavors.

While cannabis flower can look different depending on the strain and type of plant, they generally are greenish and/or brownish in color, sometimes with hints of purple, and look like densely packed little pods of goodness— which they are.


We use cannabis to describe all of the products that come from the cannabis plant, but there’s actually significant variety in these plants and the flower they produce. In fact, there are currently over 700 strains of cannabis, each with its own distinct traits and benefits.

These different strains all result in flowers with different properties. These can range from differences in appearance to, more importantly, differences in THC or CBD content, terpene profiles, and type of high.

So, with all this variety, how do you know that you’re getting a quality cannabis flower when you purchase some for yourself?

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